Posted by: Arvid | November 19, 2006

Fishing with Mike & Burt

A few of the die-hards are still boat fishing the river and the fishing has been good. We are in the midst of a few very nice days with temperatures in the 30’s and if you are dressed properly it’s not bad out there.

I received an invitaton from Mike L. to go with he and Burt L. for a late Saturday afternoon of fishing on the river. They are not related, just their wives are teachers and Burt was also until he retired this past year. We fished up river by Hattie’s along with three other boats for about 1-1/2 hours. WE (they did most of the catching) must have caught about 20 walleye and sauger, kept our limit of 12, all about 14″ to 16″ and headed home at dark. It’s cool as the sun sets and ice gathers on the end of the rods. A good blast of cold weather will freeze the river over.

Deer season is over and it was good. Five of us got nine deer. Gerry got a nice seven-point buck the second Sunday afternoon.
Burt with a nice November walleye

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