Posted by: Arvid | December 7, 2006

We Have Ice

The winter ice fishing season has started. We have ice and the fish are biting. The report is that there is 7-10 inches of ice on Lake of the Woods and with the below zero temps that we’ve been having (-17 this morning) another 1-2 inches gets added each night. The Rainy River has about 6 inches of good ice with not much snow on top. The mode of transportation is 4-wheelers and snowmobiles; no driving big pickups and SUV’s yet. Fish are being caught in 15-20 feet of water on both the lake and river.
I fished the river this afternoon for about 45 minutes. It was about five degrees above zero, but that’s all the time I needed. I caught five walleyes; kept four nice eaters, released a little one and also lost a nice one at the hole when the line cut on the ice. Nothing was good enough for a picture.


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