Posted by: Arvid | December 24, 2016

Crazy Weather

It’s crazy weather that we are having. Last weekend it was twenty-five below zero and yesterday it was thirty-eight above. The cold weather made some much-needed ice. Everything  I’ve heard is that there is about a foot of ice on the lake. Much of the river has the same, but caution needs to be taken; it’s not good ice all over. With the Christmas Day storm that’s forecast, it will be interesting to see what happens. A foot of snow is possible and if that happens, slushy conditions will almost surely develop which will make for dicey ice travel.

The reports I’ve heard is that the bite on both the lake and river is good. The lake froze with the water a little riled up and it can affect the bite some, but so far so good. With the warm up this week, I’ve fished outside by the airport a couple of times the last hour or so before dark. Last evening, I caught four walleyes that I kept plus a sauger and released four smaller walleyes and a 20″ slot fish. It’s nice to have some fish in the river after they were pretty much absent the past couple of years.

Merry Christmas.


Nice Eaters 


Posted by: Arvid | November 15, 2016

All Done

Our deer season wrapped up over the weekend.  Terry got a spike buck on Friday afternoon and Nolan  got a nice 6-pointer on Saturday morning. We are all done and since then, it’s been doing a little fishing and putting “stuff” away before winter arrives this coming weekend.

We did some fishing over the weekend along with a lot of others. The weather was good and so was fishing. It didn’t make much difference whether you fished in twelve or twenty-foot; there was a bite off and on through out the day. There were a lot of one and two-year old walleyes biting so you needed to have plenty of bait. Every now and then a nice slot fish would come along and enough eaters for a big fish fry at the cabin. I’ve said more than once over the past couple of weeks that it “just doesn’t get any better than this”.


Nolan with his six pointer


Terry with a nice slot fish


Jeff with a nice 25″ slot fish


Nice eaters

Posted by: Arvid | November 10, 2016

Deer hunting, Golf & Fishing

We’ve had a couple of good days. Yesterday, about 8:00 a.m. a nice yearling buck came along; tag filled. About the same time, grandson  Scott and his high school golf team were preparing for the second day of the AZ State golf tournament. Facing a three shot deficit, they put it all together and won by 8 strokes. There are five starters on a team. All five play, but use only the best four scores. Scott shot 72-74 and his scores were used both days. Scott’s a freshman and he has done very well. We are so proud of him.

This morning, neighbor Jeff got a two year old eight point buck. This afternoon, we fished the river the last hour of daylight and caught a limit of nice walleyes. With the great weather we are having, it just doesn’t get any better than this.


Scott with the State Trophy


The Desert Vista High School Golf Team


Jeff with a nice November walleye



Posted by: Arvid | November 7, 2016

Deer Season – First Weekend

We have had a really good first weekend to the deer season. The weather has just about been to nice with a high Sunday of 69. Our deer camp has now grown to seven with Wally’s daughter, Aviana, hunting with the group. Aviana got in on her first deer, a nice doe on Saturday morning. A highlight was Sunday morning when Gerry and his grandson, Nolan, each got their buck. There was a friendly wager on who had the largest deer and it wasn’t close; Aviana beat them both. We are four for seven; Nolan got a spike buck during the youth hunt a couple weeks ago. Terry and I hunted the mornings and fished the afternoons. With all the activity on the river, one would think it’s the walleye opener, not deer season. Saturday afternoon, we fished the middle of the river in 19 feet of water. Fishing was steady with numerous little fish. We kept a limit of nice eaters. Sunday was slower with lots of little ones and missed bites, but not much to keep. The weather forecast for this week is good and we are looking forward to doing it again.


Aviana with her first deer


Gerry and Nolan with their bucks


Terry with a November walleye


Posted by: Arvid | November 4, 2016

Good Report

There are good reports of a walleye bite on the river recently and with the weather forecast for the next week, one might have to share the deer hunt with a little fishing.

Jeff and I fished again last evening and had plenty of action. We didn’t get a limit, but did keep 6 walleyes and 2 saugers. Released a 20″ slot fish. A good evening.


Jeff with a nice November walleye

Posted by: Arvid | November 1, 2016

Winding Down

The open water season is winding down. The weather looks good this week and deer season starts this weekend. With that, we know that cold weather is not far off.

Jeff and I fished the two evenings prior to Halloween. There was a short bite at dark in about 11 feet. Sunday, we got a late start and were not on the water much over an hour. We caught about a dozen fish; kept five walleyes and release a 25-1/2″ slot fish. It was the only slot fish we’ve caught in over a week.


A nice Fall Walleye

Posted by: Arvid | October 29, 2016


Diane and I spent most of this week in ND visiting some of her family. We picked up her Mom in Mandan and took her with us to her sister, Karen and brother-in-law, Gordon’s home. Gordon and I spent the most part of the next four days hunting pheasants while the gals worked on some sewing projects. Gordon has hunting access to a number of properties and they all had birds. It was just the two of us hunting and without a dog, it was a little challenging. You hit some, miss some and lost some. It was a great time and wonderful weather for doing a lot of walking and enjoying western ND.

We returned home on Thursday and on Friday, Jeff and I fished the river the last hour or so before dark. I understand that fishing has been a little slow this past week, particularly during the middle of the day. We were satisfied with the action we had. We kept 5 walleyes, 4 saugers and released at least that many little ones.


Gordon with a mornings pheasants 

Posted by: Arvid | October 19, 2016

And Wildlife Too

Grandson, Scott is a freshman on his high school golf team in Phoenix. The golf team is doing quite well and this past weekend they were in a tournament in Flagstaff (they won the tournament). Jodi sent the pictures below and when I first looked at them, I wondered if the two bucks sparing was real. It was!

On Jonathan’s second day here, we looked for a bird in the morning; flushed one and didn’t get a shot. Fished the evening in three different depths of water. Ended up in 15 feet and caught quite a few fish; both walleyes and sauger, keeping three walleye and a sauger. It was great spending a couple days with him.


Grandson Scott with the wildlife nearby


Scott’s Golf Team. He’s second from left

Posted by: Arvid | October 18, 2016

October Bite

Jonathan is here for a visit and a couple days of fishing & hunting. This morning we walked a trail and saw two partridge and didn’t get a shot. Partridge hunting this Fall is not what was hoped for. The wet weather early this summer must have taken a toll on the young ones. After an early evening meal, we put the boat in and went down by the airport to finish the day. We caught a dozen or so walleyes and kept six plus a nice sauger. There is an October bite and it’s better than its been the past couple years. The bite should continue to improve as we get later into the month.


Jonathan with a nice October walleye

Posted by: Arvid | October 1, 2016

To Easy

I fished the last three days of the harvest season for sturgeon. Wednesday’s report is below. Thursday I fished to hours and caught two fish; a 25″ and 44″. Friday, the last day, I went out at 4:00 and in less than a half hour a 48″ picked up the bait. Tag on; all done; way to easy.

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