Posted by: Arvid | December 24, 2016

Crazy Weather

It’s crazy weather that we are having. Last weekend it was twenty-five below zero and yesterday it was thirty-eight above. The cold weather made some much-needed ice. Everything  I’ve heard is that there is about a foot of ice on the lake. Much of the river has the same, but caution needs to be taken; it’s not good ice all over. With the Christmas Day storm that’s forecast, it will be interesting to see what happens. A foot of snow is possible and if that happens, slushy conditions will almost surely develop which will make for dicey ice travel.

The reports I’ve heard is that the bite on both the lake and river is good. The lake froze with the water a little riled up and it can affect the bite some, but so far so good. With the warm up this week, I’ve fished outside by the airport a couple of times the last hour or so before dark. Last evening, I caught four walleyes that I kept plus a sauger and released four smaller walleyes and a 20″ slot fish. It’s nice to have some fish in the river after they were pretty much absent the past couple of years.

Merry Christmas.


Nice Eaters 



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