Posted by: Arvid | November 6, 2006

Deer Season

Opening weekend was good. Saturday morning Wally got his buck, a very nice eight pointer. Eric shot a fawn buck. Sunday morning was good to me. I shot three deer, a nice doe with my rifle and two nice bucks, both about six pointers with my camera. I also missed an opportunity for a picture of a very large buck, but while fumbling with my camera he walked off the trail. That all happened in a period of about one hour.

On Saturday, Terry, Wally and I tried fishing the middle of the day for better than an hour and caught nothing. Friday evening I fished for an hour and caught five walleyes. I kept my four and released one 24″100_0464.jpg
Wally with his son, Nolan and his eight point buck

A nice buck standing in a trail

The buck, about five minutes after the doe was there

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