Posted by: Arvid | October 30, 2006

October Walleyes

Sunday, Terry came up from Bemidji and we spent a few hours working on a deer stand. It’s kind of late with deer season only a week away, but better now than not at all. About four o’clock we put the boat in the river and joined the crowd. There were a lot of fishermen out braving the cool temperatures getting in on some of the last days of fall fishing. It appeared that most were having pretty good success. Most were anchored up, but a few were drift fishing. Those anchored up were out towards the middle of the river, maybe in about 19-21 feet of water. Terry and I fished for less than two hours and caught twelve nice walleyes. We kept our eight and released four that included one 20″. I told Terry that it was a good thing he didn’t catch a big one because I forgot the camera. We both hope that Wally doesn’t get to upset because we were out prefishing some of those deer season walleyes.

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