Posted by: Arvid | October 2, 2006

A Walk In The Woods

On Sunday, I took a ride down into the forest area and walked a couple of my favorite trails looking for a partridge. That’s what we call a ruffed grouse. It was a breezy day and there is still a lot of leaves on the trees and brush which did not make for ideal bird hunting. I saw four birds and got three of them. The other ran and I never did see it again. All the birds were singles which leads me to think that the coveys have split up.

The fishing reports have not been very good and I can attest to that. Sunday I fished the river for a couple of hours before dark with not much success. I caught one nice 15-16″ walleye, two little saugers, a perch and a 38″ sturgeon. It’s not very good for October 1st.
Early Fall Partridge

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