Posted by: Arvid | October 3, 2006

From First to Worst

The great Green Pepper contest for 2006 is over and a new Queen has been crowned. The weigh-in and coronation party were a lot of fun. We even had a writer from the Grand Forks Herald at the weigh-in and our story and pictures were in the September 23rd edition. Nyla O’Connel blew everybody away with a pepper that weighed 525.08 grams. For me, it’s back to the drawing board. I went from Pepper King two years ago to seventh place this year. That’s almost going from first to worst.

It’s October and the garden season is about done. It was a surprisingly good garden for as hot and dry a summer that we had.
Pepper Queen Nyla and Her Prize Winning 525.08 Gram Pepper
The Potatoe Crop

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