Posted by: Arvid | September 27, 2006

Aging Northern Pike

Years ago, fish biologists used the scales from Northern Pike to estimate the age of the fish. Now the Cleithrum, a large bone located under the gill flap is used to determine the age of the fish because each year the fish’s body adds a new layer to the bone. The picture below shows the new layers of bone much like the rings of a tree. The cleithrum in the picture is from a Northern Pike that is probably seven years old and about 33″ in length.

You might be interested in reading about a 27 year-old walleye from Lake of the Woods that was collected in the 2005 fall survey. It was 28-1/2″ in length. Go to

My days helping out with the DNR Fall Survey are over. It was a really enjoyable experience. Now it’s time to enjoy some fall river fishing and bird hunting. Reports are that the fishing in the river has picked up. Nothing great yet, but it’s getting better. This year the ruffed grouse hunting is suppose to be on the up turn. It has been poor for several years.
Cleithra from Northern Pike.jpg
Cleithrum from Northern Pike

A Lake of the Woods Quill-back

Ready to head out to lift out & set nets.jpg
Getting ready to head out and pick up and set nets

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