Posted by: Arvid | June 21, 2006

Take a Kid Fishing

Wednesday was the ninth annual Lake of the Woods Take a Kid Fishing day and a successful day it was. Approximately 110 kids were treated to a day on the water followed by a cookout at Sportsman’s Lodge.

The weather almost cooperated. It was windy with a few rain showers, but really quite a good day. Because of the wind most boats elected to fish the river and I was no exception. I had two 10 year old boys with me, Carl Pederson and Levi Marken. We came back to town to launch the boat and then went down river to Senske Creek. We anchored up for awhile; trolled a little for pike and cast a few baits for whatever might want to grab them. We ended up catching seven walleyes and kept six of them. Four were nice eaters; two were small but were hooked bad. Levi caught and released a small 24″ sturgeon and Carl caught a nice 15″ smallmouth casting a spinner bait. When all the boats were in, I think we did as well or better than most. Fishing has been good in front of the Lighthouse Gap and I’m sure all the boats would have caught more fish had we been able to fish the Lake.

Levi holding Carl’s 15″ Smallmouth

Levi and Carl with a 14″ Walleye

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