Posted by: Arvid | June 27, 2006

Missed getting that ice cream cone

Diane & I spent the weekend at the Lake of the Woods Campground with Gerry & Monica, Mike & Jean and Wally & Olivia. Wally’s little guy, Nolan, is having his second birthday and that was a good excuse to get together. We had beautiful weather all weekend. Mike had his boat along and we fished a couple of times on Saturday and again on Sunday morning. Fishing wasn’t great, but we did get enough for a nice late lunch on Sunday. On Saturday, between Mike, Wally & I we caught between 15 & 20 walleyes and kept 7 with Mike doing most of the catching. On Sunday, Mike and I caught about 20 and kept 8 with Mike again doing most of the catching. We caught the fish on crawlers and most in the 9-10 ft of water. It took a while to find them because fishing had been best in the 18 ft range.

At the campground store they had several flavors of hard ice cream and I was all prepared to enjoy a cone when we were done fishing on Saturday night, but I missed out when the store was closed when we got back. We were delayed when two Conservation Officers, (and ladies, no less, a blonde and a brunette) pulled us over as we were returning to the dock. All was fine with licenses, fish, life jackets, etc. but then things got a little tense when the conversation started to turn into a debate about the enforcement authority of the no wake zone on international waters. She said that she could fine us $150 for going to fast, but she didn’t. The delay only caused me to miss out on getting an ice cream cone.

Mike & Wally with a nice walleye at sunset

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