Posted by: Arvid | June 2, 2016

Indiana Bluegills

We’ve been in Indiana over the Memorial Day weekend for grandson Matt’s, high school graduation. Indiana has a lot of private ponds stocked with various species of fish. Darlis brother-in-law, Rollie, has access to one with bluegills and bass that we fished on Monday for a couple of hours. The action is always good and it’s easy to lose count on how many bluegills were caught, but about two dozen were kept in the 7-8 inch range. The half dozen bass that were caught were released. It’s always fun to fish for bluegills, no matter where you are.

Matt with bluegill

Matt with Bluegill

Darlis with bass

Darlis with a small Bass

Rollie with bluegill

Rollie with a Bluegill



Posted by: Arvid | May 27, 2016

Before going home

After the trout trip, Jim and Tom stayed a couple extra days to fish walleyes. Tuesday morning Bill headed for home and that afternoon Tom, Jim, George and I went to Zipple Bay. We anchored up in 20 feet of water and had steady action. We caught and released a lot of small walleyes and saucers. We kept 16 fish that were mostly sauger and included 2 nice perch. Gold seemed to be the preferred color. It was a beautiful late afternoon and it was good to spend another few hours with them, until we see them again next winter test season.

Tom with Sauger

Tom with a very nice sauger

Jim with walleye

Jim with one of the many small walleyes


Looking for a free meal

Posted by: Arvid | May 24, 2016

Trout Fishing

After a two year break, most of the group got together again for two days of trout fishing on Whitefish Bay. Tom and Jim came from Detroit. Jim’s dad, Bill, drove from Denver and George, Terry and I had the shortest distance to go. Steve and Jonathan had commitments and couldn’t be with us. Except for being really windy during the middle of the day on Sunday, we had beautiful weather. Fishing was equally as good. We caught 11 trout and a pike on Saturday and on Sunday we caught 7 trout. Jim caught a very nice smallmouth off the dock; I wasn’t around to get a picture. As usual, there was great food and beverages and a few games of 31 before bedtime.


Bill with his lake trout

Tom and George

Tom & George



The Group

The Group – George, Tom, Terry, Jim, & Bill

Posted by: Arvid | May 19, 2016


One thing I know for sure; the weather on opening weekend was cold, windy and just miserable. I don’t think anybody fished the lake and those few brave souls that did go out were probably in Four Mile Bay or the river. Reports that I got from those that fished the river have been mixed. Some are catching a few nice walleyes and others are getting none. Jeff and I fished the river Tuesday evening for about three hours in four different spots; caught a 18″ pike and that was it. The weather is nice now and I’m sure there are better days ahead.

Willard and I have been out looking for those elusive morels and they’ve been hard to find. The weather probably has something to do with that. It was warm early, then turned cold and now it’s nice, but dry. We’ve found enough for a meal or two, but it’s meant a lot of stops checking different areas. Looks like it’s just one of those years.


Twin Morels

Posted by: Arvid | May 6, 2016


You might look at the title of this post and think it has something to do with fishing and it could, given the way fishing was this past Fall and winter, but it’s not. It covers another topic, television.

When we moved to Baudette in the late sixties, television reception was one Canadian station, CBC, off a tower across the river. Hockey Night in Canada was the thing to watch in those days. It was the local joke that the kids thought the National Anthem was “O Canada”. Some folks tried to get U.S. TV from stations in Fargo and Pembina with roof top antennas, but it was spotty and poor.

I don’t know just when, I give Stoddard and Lloyd credit for this. They came up with the idea to put a tower in the alley behind Stod’s house; hang some antenna’s and cable to a few houses in the neighborhood. It worked and they had vastly improved reception. I think they had 25-30 homes connected to their system. They were in west Baudette and there was a dozen or so of us here in east Baudette (formerly Spooner) that would like the same so we enlisted Lloyd’s help to engineer a system. We didn’t need a tower; we had one. It was the water tower and it was right in the middle of what Dr. Janecky’s wife affectionately referred to as “mortgage row”. It was 90 feet up to the railing and it was Bruce’s and my job to go up to the railing, fasten an arm with a pulley and raise antennas and fasten them to the railing. The little shed at the base of the tower housed the boosters and amplifies and we cabled to a few houses in each direction. It worked and we became the Spooner High Intensity Television Service (S.H.I.T.S.). We even had a bank account.

Those two systems lasted until Stod put a huge tower NW of Baudette in the Wabanica area and cabled the area. The local systems were dismantled and sold for scrap. The only thing that remained was the arm with the pulley that stayed attached to the railing for over 40 years. That was until yesterday, when the tower was taken down. I walked over and asked if I could have the arm which they were happy to give me. The torches started cutting at 6:00 a.m. and by 3:00 p.m it was all cleaned up; equipment gone; not a sign of a tower. Amazing.


Ready to lift off the top 


Coming apart – Arm still on right side


Arm with the pulley






Posted by: Arvid | April 15, 2016

Fished the Last Day

Yesterday was the last day of the walleye season. Never thought a month ago that we’d still be on the ice when the season closed, but the past couple of weeks have been almost winter like and the ice is still tight to the shore. Jeff and I walked off Graceton Beach close to a mile out. We had to navigate a couple of cracks and pick a spot to get over a pressure ridge. I had a life jacket on, both for warmth and safety. There was plenty of ice, 18″, and it was good ice. There was 25′ of water where we stopped and over the next 2-3 hours we caught 15 walleyes and saugers. We kept 2 walleyes and 5 saugers; released six little ones and a 20″ slot fish. After the bite slowed, we packed up and went back towards shore and fished a crack that was about a foot wide and in 18′ of water. Jeff caught the only fish, a nice walleye that was added to our catch.

This past weekend there were a lot of boats on the river and the river accesses were busy. I heard a number of reports and none of them were good. We are now in a sturgeon catch and release season for about 10 days and then there will be a two week harvest season the last week of April and the first week of May. To harvest a sturgeon, they need to be between 45″ & 50″ and you need a tag. Four Mile Bay is a good spot to be as the sturgeon seem to congregate on their way up river to spawn. It’s a chance to catch a big fish and has gotten quite popular over the last several years.


Jeff with a nice walleye – last day on the ice

Posted by: Arvid | April 6, 2016

Not Much Change

Water conditions on the river continue to improve from day-to-day. I think we are still waiting for a major tributary to open up so that could change things. The bite continues to be slow, but better than 10 days ago. The weather hasn’t helped either; it’s been windy and cold. Heard about a party that fished the Gap over the weekend and caught a little bit of everything; walleye, perch, sucker, pike & sturgeon, but didn’t keep anything. They were either to big or to small. Talked to a party that fished the lake three days over the weekend. They said the ice was still good; almost in mid-winter form with the cold nights we’ve had. It sounds like there is a pretty good bite once every three days. The other two days are much slower.

Posted by: Arvid | April 1, 2016

There’s Still Ice

It’s a bit chilly up here this morning; seventeen degrees and breezy out of the northwest. It’d be cool on the water.

Jeff and I went to Graceton Beach Thursday afternoon. There’s still enough ice (18″) and it’s good enough so that travel with snowmobile is safe. Condition of the ice will be a day to day thing. In the old days there would have been 100 guys out there scattered all over. Yesterday, besides us, there were two guys that walked out.  We fished 24′ of water for over three hours. We caught maybe 15 small walleyes/saugers and kept four that would meet the bucket test. We marked a lot of fish, but when we’d get them to bite, they would be small.

Jeff talked to two local guys that fished the river on Wednesday. They fished by the airport and caught two slot fish in the 27″ ranges and two smaller walleyes. Yesterday morning, I talked to a gal that lives on the river east of town and she said that there is a lot of ice chunks coming down the river. Maybe one of the tributaries to the river opened up.

Posted by: Arvid | March 30, 2016

A Slight Improvement

There has been a slight improvement in river conditions. Up until now there has been a lot of grass and junk catching on lines and now there is less of that. Water clarity is improving, but it’s still dirty. It should continue to improve day to day, but I understand the Little Fork River tributary has not opened up and when it does it’ll probably dirty up again. We are suppose to get a little rain the next day or so and that could speed up the process. I’ve heard the bite has also improved slightly. Some really big sturgeon being caught, 63″ & 65″. That’s big enough to get a person excited.


Posted by: Arvid | March 24, 2016


Nice weather that we are having up here. The river opened up in Baudette on the 16th amid the 11 inches of snow we got. It was the 3rd earliest opening on record.

I think all the major accesses to the river are open. I went across the bridge this morning and it didn’t appear that there was a lot of debris coming down the river, but the water looked to be a dirty brown.  It’s going to take a few days to clear up.

I just talked to Ralph and asked how fishing was today and he said “terrible”.

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