Posted by: Arvid | June 2, 2016

Indiana Bluegills

We’ve been in Indiana over the Memorial Day weekend for grandson Matt’s, high school graduation. Indiana has a lot of private ponds stocked with various species of fish. Darlis brother-in-law, Rollie, has access to one with bluegills and bass that we fished on Monday for a couple of hours. The action is always good and it’s easy to lose count on how many bluegills were caught, but about two dozen were kept in the 7-8 inch range. The half dozen bass that were caught were released. It’s always fun to fish for bluegills, no matter where you are.

Matt with bluegill

Matt with Bluegill

Darlis with bass

Darlis with a small Bass

Rollie with bluegill

Rollie with a Bluegill




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