Posted by: Arvid | June 9, 2016


Yesterday evening Diane attended a performance by the Celtic Woman Destiny Tour at the Sanford Center in Bemidji. I went along to help drive home after the show and was invited to fish for a couple of hours with Terry. He is an avid fisherman and knows Lake Bemidji as well as anyone. There is a big tournament this coming weekend and the reports from those pre-fishing  the tournament was that the walleye bite was pretty slow. We can vouch for that as we didn’t catch a walleye. In fact, the first four or five spots we tried; not even a perch and I accused him of holding out his favorite spot on me. He finally put us on a school of perch and like most guides would do, he put the back-end of the boat, where he was sitting, right on top of the fish. We both caught and released plenty and kept 9. They were not the big ones we were looking for, but good enough to satisfy us. It was a nice evening on the lake.


Terry with a Lake Bemidji Perch


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