Posted by: Arvid | May 19, 2016


One thing I know for sure; the weather on opening weekend was cold, windy and just miserable. I don’t think anybody fished the lake and those few brave souls that did go out were probably in Four Mile Bay or the river. Reports that I got from those that fished the river have been mixed. Some are catching a few nice walleyes and others are getting none. Jeff and I fished the river Tuesday evening for about three hours in four different spots; caught a 18″ pike and that was it. The weather is nice now and I’m sure there are better days ahead.

Willard and I have been out looking for those elusive morels and they’ve been hard to find. The weather probably has something to do with that. It was warm early, then turned cold and now it’s nice, but dry. We’ve found enough for a meal or two, but it’s meant a lot of stops checking different areas. Looks like it’s just one of those years.


Twin Morels


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