Posted by: Arvid | September 1, 2016

On the Big Lake

Mark called and invited Jeff and I for a day of fishing. He keeps his boat in a slip at one of the resorts so there was no in or out with the boat. We left town at 9:00 and were fishing not long after 10:00. Bait fishing has been very slow on this end of the lake so downrigging was the method of choice. The water has not cooled off  much and the fish seemed to still be in their summertime pattern. We fished in 32′ to 35′ and found the fish to be scattered, but willing to bite. That was a little surprising after the storms that had rolled through the area over the last few days. Over the next four hours, we caught 8 walleyes and 10 saugers. The walleyes were nice; all in the 15″-18″ range. It was a nice day and fun to do that for a change. A meal of fresh fish is always good.


Mark with two nice walleyes

Jeff with a nice walleye (1)

Jeff with a nice walleye


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