Posted by: Arvid | September 5, 2016

A Walleye with unusual markings

My friend, Terry, fished Lake Bemidji on Saturday and caught a walleye with unusual markings. He said that fishing was difficult because of the wind, but they did catch enough for a meal and said that fishing on Bemidji has been tough all summer.

I heard over the weekend that there are some minnows in the river. On normal years, there is usually an early shiner run in late August or early September and then a late run sometime in late October. It’s the early run that usually brings the fish into the river and provides good Fall fishing. I heard that some fish were caught in the Wheelers Point area, so maybe some fish are moving in. Fall fishing the past couple of years hasn’t been very good, so maybe this is the year.

Terrys Spotted Walleye

A walleye with unusual markings

photo 2

Terry calls this his “Spotted Walleye”



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