Posted by: Arvid | August 15, 2016

A beautiful evening

After spending most of the day at the senior center flipping pancakes, it was easy to accept Jeff’s invite to fish the river for a couple hours before dark. We went down by the airport and put in a couple lines rigged for sturgeon. It’s a pretty relaxed way to fish and enjoy the sunset. Jeff caught two small sturgeon and I caught a nice sauger. The sturgeon bite is picking up and should continue to improve over the next few weeks. Hopefully, that will be the same for walleyes.

It has been a wonderful year for the garden and for wild blueberries and mushrooms with plenty of all three to keep us busy. We really enjoy this time of the year, but are ready for it to wind down.

Jeff with small sturgeon

Jeff with a small sturgeon

Willard with Chanterelles

Willard with Chanterelles

Diane behinds flowers

 Grandma Diane’s Flowers and in front of Grandpa’s weeds (tomatoes) 

August Sunset

August Sunset


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