Posted by: Arvid | July 22, 2016

Senior Boating

Our Lake of the Woods Senior Boating program is alive and well. In our tenth year of operation, our mission is to provide free boating and fishing opportunities to seniors in Lake of the Woods and surrounding areas. Although most of the trips are two hour rides on the river, we do occasionally get a request to fish. On Wednesday, we took five residents from our Lakewood Care Center, along with a staff member and two volunteers for a short fishing trip. There have been some reports of a sturgeon and an occasional walleye being caught on the river. We are in a period of really warm weather, but with the pontoons full top, the side curtains rolled up and a light breeze, it made for a comfortable trip. After putting the pontoon in the water and getting all the guests fitted with life vests, we went down by the airport. In a little over an hour we caught two sturgeon and had a couple other bites, which were probably sucker or red horse. The sturgeon were small, but we all considered the trip a success.


Roy with his sturgeon


Gordy with his sturgeon


Lake of the Woods Senior Pontoon



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