Posted by: Arvid | July 15, 2016

It’s Blueberry Season

With no blueberry crop the past two years, many of the local folks up here were looking forward to a year with berries.

A fire is something that rejuvenates a berry patch. It cleans out the old plants and underbrush and lets new, young plant flourish. Now days the minute a fire starts, there is the urgent need to put it out so now most of the berry patches are where loggers have clear-cut a stand of woods and it’s not the same as a fire. Last year a fire started south of Warroad  and burned quite a large area before it was put out. It burned some blueberry area and this year there are some berries. Thursday, Jeff and I took a ride over there mostly to see if the reports were as good as we’ve heard. Having had ample rain, the berries are nice and we each picked a couple of gallons. The area should continue to get better for the next few years.


Nice Blueberries.      Click to enlarge



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