Posted by: Arvid | January 3, 2016

On the first hole

Playing some golf with grandson Scott is a must when we come to Arizona. It’s the only time we play golf anymore, so we really hack our way around a course. Scott plays more than a little bit and he’s getting good for a 14 year old. We are staying at a nice Golf & RV resort. Diane’s sister Karen and husband Gordon are at this same resort. The resort has a nice Par 3 course. On Saturday, Jodi & Scott came down and Scott, Diane, Gordon and I played a round. We played a scramble format where Scott played against the three of us. We gave the youngster honors, so his first shot on hole 1 was a wedge to a 106 yard pin and it went in the hole. A “Hole-in-One” and it was not his first: his seventh. That must be something like the fisherman that goes out; drops anchor and catches a 30″ walleye in the first five minutes. Oh! yes, he won the match against the three of us by 4 strokes.


Scott with another “Hole-in-One”




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