Posted by: Arvid | February 18, 2016

Crappie Fishing

On Wednesday, Don & I went to Nester Falls crappie fishing. We coordinated the drive up with Jeff & Pidge. It was a nice day, a little cool in the morning. It was 15 below zero, but it warmed up to about 20 above by mid-day. Turns out that there would be two more vehicles from Baudette; Bert & Roger and Pete & Sandy. I think Baudette had half the fishermen on the ice. The crappies did not cooperate very well. The count may not be completely accurate, but I think the total for the group would be 18 crappies,  35 perch and 3 walleyes. Don caught the nice fish; a 25 inch walleye.

Fishing on Lake of the Woods and Rainy River is really slow. Since Diane & I returned from our month-long stay in Arizona, I’ve heard only one good report and that was one person who was out one day last week and caught two walleyes and six saugers. All other reports have not been good. Fishermen are putting in a lot of time for one or two fish.

If the weather that we are having this winter stays pretty much the same, I think we are going to be in for an early ice out on both the river and the lake. I’ve heard there is only about half the ice we have on a normal winter with some places on the lake not having much more than a foot. It’s interesting.


Don with a nice walleye




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