Posted by: Arvid | September 21, 2015

F & F

At this time of the year, it’s fishing & football. We are patiently waiting for fall fishing to get going, but football is in full swing.

Last Monday afternoon, Jonathan can up with three friends for a couple days of fishing. We spent two hours before dark on the river looking for a sturgeon. We caught four little guys; nothing over two feet and three small saugers. Tuesday morning, we were invited to fish the Lake with Mark. He has his boat at Morris Point and we met him there at 8:30. We started out jig fishing in about 31 feet. After about an hour and with only one sauger, we pulled anchor and put out two downriggers. Over about the next three hours we caught 18 walleye and saugers. We caught no slot fish and the fish seemed to be scattered. We went back to town for a nice late afternoon fish fry and then did the river thing again for the evening. Again, we caught four sturgeon, this time a little larger; 33″, 37″, 41″,  and a little guy and three or four small sauger and a red horse. We fished the river Wednesday morning for a couple hours before they headed home and caught one small sturgeon, a nice 15″ walleye and a couple of small sauger. Jonathan had two nice smallmouth up to the boat, but yours truly managed to knock them off with the net. We were hoping one of the guys would get a sturgeon to qualify for the fifty inch club. That didn’t happen, but we had a good time.

We left Thursday for Julie’s and a couple of grandson Matt’s football games. We’ve never got to watch him play and with him being a senior; as busy as this fall has been, it was do it now or not get it done. Friday was their homecoming game and weather wise; a perfect evening for football. Matt’s first two years on varsity he was a free safety on defense. This year he’s playing both ways and Friday he had two receptions; both for touchdowns, as they won 33-10. They were his first varsity TD’s and I think he was saving those for grandpa and grandma.


Scott with a 41″ sturgeon


Bo with a 37″ Sturgeon


Tim with a 33″ sturgeon


Jon with one of the little guys


Grandson Matt after their homecoming game













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