Posted by: Arvid | August 20, 2015

Now here’s a fish

Topper had some company here not long ago and they did some sturgeon fishing on the river east of town. If I remember the report correctly, they caught three sturgeon; a little guy, one in the fifty inch range and the one in the picture below. The fish was 72 inches and would weigh in at about 96 lbs., which would be a state record were they allowed to keep it. To keep one, it has to be 75 inches. It may not be to long before someone catches one, in harvest season, and will have purchased a tag and a new record will be set. That’ll be something.

I’m getting reports that people are picking up an occasional walleye and some nice saugers, along with suckers, red horse and mooneyes while fishing for sturgeon. The sturgeon are not real active yet, but the water is cooling down and the bite should improve with Fall coming.

72 inch sturgeon

A 72″ sturgeon, estimated weight 96 lbs. 


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