Posted by: Arvid | July 30, 2015


It had to be difficult fishing the past couple of days the way the wind blew. There were even a couple of charter boats fishing by the bridge in an effort to find some protection from the wind.

Diane and I went for a ride down the river to the lake last Sunday. There were hardly any boats fishing this side of the lake and reports I’ve heard were that the bite was slow. Lots of fish being marked, but none were interested in biting. The sturgeon bite on the river has also been slow.

Something that I’ve not done in all the years we’ve lived here is pick Chanterelle mushrooms. It’s not every year that they are found; some years are better than others. If there are going to be some, it’s generally mid to late summer; unlike the morel that’s a late spring mushroom up here in the north country. Jeff & I have been out a couple of times and have found a few. sautéed in butter, they have a mild, delicate taste and are a little rubbery in texture, but very good. The best spots are where the deer flies are abundant; and they bite!


Chanterelle Mushrooms


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