Posted by: Arvid | September 30, 2015

To Close to Call

A frost took the garden on Tuesday morning, but by early afternoon it was sweatshirt weather. With only two days left in the sturgeon harvest season, I felt the need to at least try to put a tag on one. I fished the late afternoon for a couple of hours; starting out by the airport for 45 minutes without a bite. There is very little current in the river and it didn’t take much of a breeze to move the boat around so I pulled anchor and moved up river by Hattie’s.  I hadn’t fished five minutes before the first bite; a 31 inch sturgeon. Over the next hour, I caught three more; one little guy and two that were right at 45″. I measured each one several times and was not comfortable that they were in the 45″ – 50″ slot that would make them eligible to keep. I caught no other fish; just those four sturgeon. There has been a shiner run, but I haven’t gotten any reports of a good walleye bite. Hopefully that will come soon.


A 45″ sturgeon; just to close to call to keep



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