Posted by: Arvid | June 17, 2014

More on High Water

Water on the Rainy River continues to rise. At Loman, 20 miles west of International Falls, the water was 3 feet over highway 11 and has closed the highway. At Manitou Rapids, down river from Loman the river is at 21.54 feet beating the record of 21.04 set during the historic flooding in 1950. The cause is remaining effects of snow melt and recent rains. All that water will come through Baudette and other than a few docks most everything on this side of the river will be ok. I understand that the lake is up 1-1/2 feet in the last week and will continue to rise as the dam at Kenora can’t release water as fast as it’s coming in down here. That means that the South Shore of Lake of the Woods could have some issues. Take a Kid Fishing is Wednesday. It will be interesting to see where most of the boats will go.


Referred to as Swenson’s boat house on Baudette Bay


Peace Park boat access on Baudette Bay 


Fishing Pier by VFW



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