Posted by: Arvid | June 19, 2014

Take a Kid Fishing 2014

Wednesday was the 17th annual Lake of the Woods Take a Kid Fishing day. Like most years, about 100 kids are treated to a day of fishing by community volunteers. The event is headquartered out of Sportsman’s Lodge where the kids are checked in, assigned to boats and at the end of the day treated to a great meal. This year, with water conditions the way they are, a lot of different options were used. Some boats went to Zippel Bay, some to Long Point and some to Red Lake. The past couple of years I have been used on an as needed basis for late arrivals. My plan, this year, if needed, would be to fish the Ludlow Island Lake from shore for bluegills and bass. Lake Ludlow is a put and take lake and was stocked about two weeks ago. The big concern there is the mosquitoes, but somebody had stopped a couple of days earlier and said they were not bad. When I arrived at Sportsman’s I was told that I would be needed and after telling them what I had planned; was promptly assigned four kids; Paige, Kylee, Ethan and Chase. We packed up and headed for Ludlow. If that wasn’t going to work, the plan was to continue on down to Red Lake and use the fishing pier. It was a nice, sunny day with a good SE breeze. When we arrived at Ludlow, Topper was there with Skyla and  Grant and were busy catching fish. We got my four kids set up and the action was steady. My kids were keeping track of the number of fish they were catching and the final total came to 60, that included 3 rock bass. Topper and his kids fished a few spots around the lake and they caught some nice bluegills and largemouth bass. Just to stir things up, Topper told my kids that his two caught 61. We kept 8 bluegills, in the 8″-9″ range. Topper’s kids kept 12, all about the same size. They were nice bluegills no matter where you’d go and not a mosquito, just a few horse and deer flies. All the boats that fished for walleyes caught some fish; some did better than others. The best was probably my neighbor, Jeff, who fished up at Long Point. They kept only 5 walleyes, but had caught several slot fish, a couple in the 25″ range. Another successful Take a Kid Fishing day.











Lunch Break


Lunch Bread for Topper, Skyla and Grant


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