Posted by: Arvid | June 7, 2014

Bested by the Gals

The 4″-5″ of rain east of here last weekend has made a mess of the river. The water is very high with lots of debris. Two Senior Boating pontoon trips were cancelled because of conditions that was determined not the safest to be on the river.

Uncle Noie and Janice were here for a visit and a few days of fishing. we fished out of Zippel Bay State Park and water conditions were good. On Wednesday, the nicest of the three days we fished, fishing was not so good. We spent 3-4 hours trying a number of different things and different places and kept two small walleyes. The only excitement was a 5-6 lbs Burbot that Janice caught. Thursday was rain and drizzle most of the day. We fished for two hours late afternoon and kept nine ¬†walleyes and released a 21″ that Janice caught. Friday was a little breezy and we fished for about four hours, drifting in water from 15-22 feet. That’s what most boats were doing; some were anchored up. We kept five walleyes and three saugers; released three slot fish; Diane had a 24″. There was not a lot of catching going on that we could see and one would expect better fishing at this time of the year. We had enough for a good fish fry and a limit for them to take home. If you’ve read this far you would have concluded that we were bested by the gals.


Janice’s 21″ walleye


Janice’s big Burbot


Diane with a nice 24″ walleye


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