Posted by: Arvid | May 30, 2014


Willard and I were out Thursday looking for that elusive morel mushroom. Our State birds and the small nats were a nuisance in the morning, but after the breeze picked up and a little bug dope  they were tolerable. In recent years, most of our favorite mushroom woods have been logged off and we haven’t been very successful finding any new spots. In most years the season would be over by now, but this year hasn’t been like most. We found a few morels; both black and whites, but that big patch that you dream about all winter just didn’t happen. Usually, the blacks are a little earlier, but we found them both up about the same time and the white ones were unusually small. We’ll get a couple of meals and a bowl of soup; good stuff . It’s nice to get out when you virtually have all the woods to yourself.

Willard with a Morel

Willard with a small white Morel



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