Posted by: Arvid | May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend

It isn’t often that we get a run of nice weather over a holiday weekend, but we did. It was warm and sunny for four straight days. Even the thunderstorms that were forecast to develop one night didn’t happen. There were enough nice fish in the river that we didn’t bother going anywhere else. Jonathan and I fished each day and caught enough for a couple of meals and a limit to send home with him. Water conditions have improved; clarity is good and current has eased up some. We even fished the middle of the river in 14 foot and caught nice  fish, including 31″ and 37″ sturgeon. Jonathan caught a 24″ walleye, the largest for the weekend. Even though the trout trip didn’t materialize, we had a really nice time and it’s was probably as good of walleye fishing that Jonathan’s had in quite some time.


Jonathan with a dandy 24″ walleye 


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