Posted by: Arvid | May 24, 2014

Largest Tagged Sturgeon

Jonathan and Britta are here for the weekend. This was going to be the trout trip, but thing didn’t work out for the Detroit crew, so we are going to walleye fish. That’s probably ok, because the ice just went out of the trout lakes a few days ago and fishing can be a little spotty for the first week or so after ice out.

The DNR fisheries crew has been  busy with their sturgeon tagging program and are presently setting nets below the Clementson Rapids. We drove out there Friday morning to watch them pull a net. They determine the sex, measure, tag and release it. Some have already been tagged and they get the information they want and release it. Oh! my, a lot of big fish. While we were there they tagged the largest that they have ever tagged; a 72″ length, 30-1/2″ girth, Which according to the chart would be about 105 lbs. That’s about 15 lbs. over the State record.

After lunch, Jonathan, Britta, Diane and I fished the river from 3:00 to almost 6:00. The weather was great and the fish cooperated. We kept 8 nice walleyes and 1 sauger; released 4 small walleyes and 1 walleye about 21″. A fish fry is on the menu for lunch today.


One Big Fish; a 72″ Sturgeon


Britta with a nice walleye


Jonathan with a 19″ walleye


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