Posted by: Arvid | December 2, 2013

We’re Ice Fishing

The winter weather that we’ve had the past couple of weeks has made enough ice and we are now ice fishing. Jeff and I checked the ice by the airport  on Friday afternoon and found 5″ of good ice. We fished that evening in 11′ – 12′ of water and caught a limit of fish; no slot fish. The next morning we got my little shanty and pulled it out by hand to about 18′. Jeff has continued to fish the shallow water and I’ve fished in the shanty. We’ve both caught fish, but he’s caught more slot fish than I have. Saturday evening he caught a 21″, 26″ and a 29″. I wasn’t close by to get a picture. The biggest I’ve got is a 26″. There have been no vehicles, ATV’s or snowmobiles on the river and that’s good; not enough ice for that, yet. I’ve heard that there is 7″ – 8″ of ice on the lake and that there is a good bite in 17′ of water. Fishing is generally good with early ice and this coming weekend the lake and resort area will be busy.
Jeff with a walleye

Jeff with a nice eater



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