Posted by: Arvid | December 19, 2013

It’s Winter

Here we are, just past the middle of December and we’ve already had a winter’s worth of cold weather. I must be getting old because I don’t like fishing when it’s below zero even if I’m sitting in a warm shanty. I don’t think the fish like it either as the bite in the river hasn’t been what it should be.  Ice conditions on the river vary and there has been a couple guys driving their pickups out,  but that’s not for most of us; there isn’t enough ice for that. The river current has been quite strong and with the snow cover, it doesn’t make ice very fast. The river bite with first ice was quite good, but the last few days has been slow, like it’s the middle of January. Last night was typical; a nice 13″ sauger and a 20″ walleye that had to be released. Two of the Bosch boys, Jeff & Mike, were close by and after I quit I checked in  with them. They had caught one small sauger and as we were visiting, Jeff caught a nice 22″ walleye.


The Lake, I understand, has ice, snow, lots of fish houses and a bite that has been very good. The last week in December is usually the best of the winter.



Jeff M 22 inch walleye


Jeff with a nice 22″ walleye




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