Posted by: Arvid | November 12, 2013

Deer Season

Our deer hunting group of five has had a very good start to the deer season. On opening day, Gerry, Terry and Dave all saw quite a few deer and each got a nice buck. It was much better than we were expecting and much better than reports that I’ve heard. We had gotten 2″-3″ of snow on Friday night and Saturday morning and it seemed to have the deer on the move. All three of the guys shot their deer in the morning, but it wasn’t until late afternoon when Dave got his. He followed his deer until it went into the neighbor’s land and thought he better not go in after it. Later that afternoon, the neighbors came over and said that they found Dave’s deer, about 200 yards past where Dave had quit following it. It’s a beautiful 10 pointer and it was really nice of the neighbors to do that. Their group was 0 for 5 on Saturday. Terry got a fork horn; not quite the thirty pointer that his daughter wanted him to get, but a nice deer. The story of the season, however, goes to Gerry. He shot his buck with his pistol; something he has always wanted to do. Now he thinks he gets the rest of the season off, except maybe trying to get one with his camera. That just leaves Wally and I and we haven’t seen much for deer. Wally would just as soon wait until the last Sunday to get one. Anytime is fine with me if I’m lucky enough to get a chance.





Gerry with his buck



Dave with a beautiful 10 pointer



Terry with a nice fork horn



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