Posted by: Arvid | November 5, 2013

Giving Up

I am giving up on this “on again, off again” Fall fishing season and have put the river boat in winter storage. This past weekend was what I’ve experienced all Fall. Friday, I heard several good reports. Saturday was a beautiful November day with the boat landings over full. I fished the afternoon for a couple of hours and caught 8 walleyes; kept 4 and released 4 between 19″ and 22″. Sunday was mild, but very windy and considerably less fishermen were out. I fished about the same time as Saturday and caught 2 walleyes and 1 sauger. Maybe Saturday wasn’t so great for a lot of other folks. This coming weekend starts deer season and from the talk I’m hearing, it could be interesting. For the first time in years permits are required for antlerless deer and our group of five did not get any permits. I’ll just use the deer season as “passing time” until ice fishing.


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