Posted by: Arvid | January 12, 2013

A Mistake

It has been called to my attention that the nice 25″ walleye that Jim caught is not the big fish for the winter test season. Nathan caught a dandy 27″ walleye in December and is the leader. I didn’t know he caught that fish and told him he has to make more noise when he catches a fish like that. It’s an honest mistake.

Some weather we’ve been having. From the mid-forties and melting snow to below zero in just a matter of hours. The fish don’t seem to know what’s going on either. On the river, a few little ones are biting and maybe a slot fish, but nothing to bring home. Spotty is what I’ve heard about the lake. It’ll probably get better once the weather straightens out.

Nathan with 27 inch walleye

Nathan with his 27″ walleye that leads winter test

Nathan tape on walleye

The Official Measurement



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