Posted by: Arvid | January 28, 2013

The Court Report

I’ve thought for some time that pretty good barometer of how good the fishing is; is listed in the court report of our local newspaper. In this weeks paper there was a one week period during the past month that had eight people getting fines for fishing with an extra line. When people need to fish with more than the two allowable lines; that should probably tell you something.

It’s been to cold for me to fish the past couple of weeks, but when the temperature got into the twenties on Sunday, Don and I went to the Lake. It was a beautiful day and even if the fishing reports for the past few days were not very good, we were going to see for ourselves. We went out of Adrian’s and the lake road goes for over eleven miles once you cross Pine Island and it’s like a little village at the end of the road. There must be two foot of ice and not much snow so four-wheel vehicles can go most everywhere, so you just pick a spot. We fished for about three hours and found what most reports were; pretty slow. Don caught a nice walleye and two small saugers for the bucket plus a nice 24-1/2″ walleye. I had three bites; caught 22″ & 23-1/2″ walleyes and a tullibee; nothing to keep. The excitement for the afternoon was when Don and I each caught a slot fish at the same time. You know the old saying, “a poor day of fishing is better than a good day of work”


Don with 22″ and 24-1/2″ walleyes- both caught at the same time


A nice 23″ walleye


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