Posted by: Arvid | January 8, 2013

A Leader on the Board

Winter activities are in full swing up here in the north country. With safe ice, there are fishermen all over the lake and in some areas there are shanties and fish houses for as far as the eye can see. I’ve heard that there is near 20″ of ice on the lake and the ice road out of Adrian’s goes for seven miles off Pine Island. Fishing on the lake has been spotty. There is about 9″ of ice on the river, less than that in some places. Fishing on the river was quite good over the Christmas holidays and the fish were nice; many in the 17″ category and most of the time an evening would include a slot fish or two in the 21″-23″ size.

A number of the Bosch boys are back in town for more of the winter test season. It will be full-bore and pretty intense between now and the end of February to get their projects done. Some take a break near the end of the day and spend an hour or so in one of their shanties. It’s usually near dark and the best time for a bite is usually over with by the time they get started fishing, but they do catch a fish or two from time to time. Some years ago, a contest was started for the biggest walleye caught during the winter test season and bragging rights go with it until the next season. There always seems to be a little controversy as to when the season starts and when it ends, but it usually gets worked out.

After a really slow weekend, there were only lights on in five or six shanties by the airport on Monday evening. Jim and Steve were in one of the shanties and Jim caught and released a very nice 25-1/4″ walleye to put his name on the leader board. He also had a 18″ walleye and a smaller one when I left to go home. I guess that Steve was there for moral support.

Jim with 25 inch walleye

Jim with his 25-1/4″ walleye. He’s the leader.



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