Posted by: Arvid | August 20, 2012

AIM Walleye Tournament

This past weekend there was an AIM Walleye Tournament on Lake of the Woods. There were 42 pros that competed for a $35,000 boat, motor and trailer. It was a catch and release tournament whereby the anglers would photograph and record the catch, showing the measurement, then immediately release the fish. A formula was used based on the length of the fish; to a quarter of an inch, to determine the weight. The two-man teams could record all the fish they caught during the day and then enter their top seven at the “weigh-in”. Using this format, the teams would not have to worry how to keep fish alive and virtually all mortality is eliminated. Day one of the three-day tournament was eliminated because of weather. Sam Anderson was the winner with his two-day catch of 14 fish weighing 98+ lbs. The largest walleye ever caught in an AIM tournament was caught on Friday and was 32-3/4″ in length. This was the last in a series of AIM tournaments for the year and for the first time a women has won their 2012 Angler of the Year.

The AIM Walleye tournament weigh-in

The winner – Sam Anderson – two days – 14 fish for 98+ lbs.

AIM Angler of the Year – Marianne Huskey

A 32-3/4″ Walleye


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