Posted by: Arvid | August 8, 2012

A Mayfly Hatch

A nice day it was yesterday and a couple of hours on the river after supper was relaxing. I trolled with Rapala’s for an hour without a strike and then anchored up east of town looking for a sturgeon. I have never harvested a sturgeon, but wouldn’t mind putting a tag on one for smoking. The challenge is getting one in the 45″-50″ slot to keep. In the short time that I sat there, I caught and released two small walleyes, a 40″ sturgeon and had a sturgeon break my line by the hook. Just as the sun was going down a species of Mayflies began coming up out of the river; it was like it was snowing in reverse and in no time they were covering everything. I’ve seen this at times in the past and it’s quite a sight.


A 40″ sturgeon; not quite big enough


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