Posted by: Arvid | July 29, 2012

A busy time

July has been busy for us with a lot of road time. We’ve been to Indiana for a granddaughter’s wedding with lots of family and a great time. We have also had some travel time to see doctors and taking family to the airport.

Last week was a 100 mile trip NE of IFalls to pick blueberries with Don and Larry. There are no blueberries around here and somehow they survived a frost over there. There were a lot of berries, but small, only half the size that they would normally be, because it’s been so dry. It would really have been something had they gotten rain at the right times. I enjoy picking berries and it was good to spend a day in the berry patch. A bonus; very few bugs and no bears.

We haven’t fished for a while, but the past couple of days the weather has been great and I told Diane that we need to spend an afternoon at the lake. A friend told us that there is a school of nice fish off the Gap in 30-32 foot of water and that crawlers or downrigging were working well. Diane and I put the boat in at Wheeler’s Point and I had to park in the ditch because the parking lot was full. It’s a ways out to 32 feet where there was a good size fleet of boats, but it was a nice ride. We just drifted using a jig with a crawler. If there had been a little stronger breeze we could have used crawler harnesses. We saw fish being caught here and there and I don’t think those that were using downriggers were doing any better than the bait fishermen. We caught six fish; kept three walleyes; one sauger and released 26″ and 29″ walleyes.

We have had some rain this past week and how much depends on who you talk to. It varied a lot in just a short distanced. We got 2″ in three different showers and now the grass is green again and the garden is doing great.

Larry in the Blueberry Patch

A nice 29″ walleye

A Blueberry bush with 18 clusters of berries on it.



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