Posted by: Arvid | July 9, 2012

July 4th Holiday

We have had a good run of weather over the past several days; plenty of sunshine and a couple welcome rains. There is plenty to do in Baudette over the 4th capped off by a spectacular fireworks. Baudette is definitely the place to be on the 4th.

Jodi is here and she, Scott and I have been fishing the river trying to catch a sturgeon. Scott would like to catch one bigger than the 37″ one he caught two years ago. Saturday morning Scott had a big one on. He asked me to help hold his rod and the fish kept taking line; it went under the boat and the line snapped. The line was new this spring, but used quite a bit and might have had a weak spot, but I should have used a heavier line. If you’re going after big fish, you better have the right equipment. Saturday evening Scott caught a 36″ sturgeon, the only sturgeon that we’ve caught so far. We have caught several small walleyes and saugers; four big enough to keep. Scott also caught a mooneye. We lost a number of crawlers and I think the mooneyes are the bait thief’s, probably along with suckers. We’ll have to ask the Sturgeon General to please have a big sturgeon come along the next time we are out.

Scott with his 36″ sturgeon

Scott with a Mooneye


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