Posted by: Arvid | September 9, 2012

Fall Weather

There is a touch of Fall in the air. The nights are cool, the leaves are turning and a frost is not far off.

There are some fish in the river; lot of small walleyes and saugers. I’ve tried to catch a sturgeon a couple of times, but nothing to fit in the 45″ – 50″ slot.

The DNR has started their Fall Survey and the senior’s in the area are the beneficiaries of the fish that are caught. We get to clean fish for seven days and then we’ll have fish fry fund-raisers for the Senior Center and the Senior Boating Program. We will also have a fish fry for the senior nutrition/meals on wheels programs. We have enough volunteer fish cleaners so that it isn’t a big job for anybody and it becomes a social event each afternoon.

Grandma Diane got me a trail camera for my birthday and I put it out by one of the deer stands a couple of weeks ago. I went out today, changed chips and was pleasantly surprised to see the activity that it recorded. The pictures are of  those we like to have around and some we don’t.

A nice looking deer

A night time visitor

A nice fawn


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