Posted by: Arvid | May 29, 2012

Annual Trout Trip

We just returned home for the annual Memorial Day weekend trout trip to Whitefish Bay. We were fortunate to have the same group of eight from a year ago. Two of the three days we fished, the weather was good. The third day was windy with some rain showers and day four looked the same to start, so we bailed out and came home.

Fishing the first two days was excellent. We arrived at camp about noon on Friday; unpacked and headed out to our favorite rock. Jim, Bill, Jonathan and I were on one side of the island and caught ten trout that afternoon. Tom and Steve were around the corner and caught two. Terry and George caught one trolling (11 lbs.). On Saturday, the four of us fished the same rock and caught thirteen. Tom, Steve and George changed to another island and caught twenty-two. Terry kept trolling and marking fish, but couldn’t get them to bite. Saturday with the weather change, it was only one trout and one small pike.  With a one fish limit per day, we released lots of fish. Most of the fish were around 30″ and there were three or four about 35″; all really nice fish.  We had a nice meal of trout each day and two fish would feed the whole gang. We had deep-fried trout, pan-fried in butter and onion and Terry fixed something he called gook food; a baked trout with a concoction of other ingredients that was a dip for crackers and was really good.

There was a very nice 35″ trout that we don’t know whether Jim or Jonathan should get credit for catching it. They both had a run about the same time and we thought that they each had a fish on. It turned out that it was only one fish and that fish had swallowed both of their baits. They were both happy to share credit for the catch.

Another interesting thing was that we also caught a tagged trout, it will be interesting to see if there is a little history with that fish.

It was a great trip. Everybody caught fish and the card games came out quite even. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to get together again next year.

The trout that Jim & Jonathan both get credit for catching

Bill with one of his lake trout

George with the only pike of the trip

Steve with a nice trout

Jonathan with a nice lake trout

Jim with a nice lake trout

l-r       Bill, Jonathan, Jim, George, Tom, Steve & Terry


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