Posted by: Arvid | June 3, 2012

Having a nice weekend

We are beginning the month of June with some nice weather. It’s good to be outside doing yard work, playing in the garden or doing whatever that makes this time of the year special.

Uncle Noie and Janice are here for a visit and a day or two of fishing. On Saturday, we put the boat in at the Zippel Bay State Park. The report I had gotten was to anchor up and jig a shiner in 26-28 foot of water. It was a beautiful day with a light northwest breeze that shifted to northeast mid-afternoon. Boats were coming and going, both drifting and anchored up in various depths from 18-31 feet. We started in 28 foot, kept moving in, tried drifting and anchored. We did best anchored up in 25 foot. We kept four walleyes, ten sauger and a jumbo perch. I think that we did about average and found out after we got in that the best bite was in 31 foot. we’ll have a good fish fry and try again.

Janice with a nice sauger


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