Posted by: Arvid | May 17, 2012

The First Week

The last week or so the weather has been nice; very windy most of the time, but nice. Fortunately, there are still some fish in the river, so generally, one can find a place out of the wind to fish. I didn’t fish opening day because of the wind. On Sunday, after working the pancake breakfast at the senior center, Willard and I pulled crankbaits on the river for a couple of hours late afternoon. It was again breezy and handling the boat was a little difficult at times, but we managed. We kept three nice walleyes and released three or four little walleyes and the same number of small pike. Diane and I fished Monday for a short time and kept two nice walleyes and release four small pike. Then, again on Wednesday, Diane and I fished the evening; jig fished and pulled crankbaits. We caught ten walleyes and kept seven; no pike for a change. It has been pretty good for the first week. Soon we’ll have to head for the lake.

It is very dry and fires are a problem. There have been two fires this spring that they used two CL-15 water planes that are stationed in Bemidji come up here to help put out the fires that are not too far from town. The planes pick up water from the river and it’s really an impressive sight watching them. They carry 1400 gallons of water each time and they make a round about every ten minutes.

Willard with a nice opening weekend walleye

Coming in for a load of water

Filling the tank with water


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