Posted by: Arvid | March 9, 2012

Tuesday – Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday were the last two days for the group to fish before heading home. Tuesday, they went to Zippel Bay to fish pike. They had two flags and caught and released a 34″ pike. It was nice weather and they cooked a pot of chili out on the ice and had a good time. I joined them when they came back to fish the river for the evening bite. The excitement for that session was when Jim caught a 54″ sturgeon. He caught that fish not long after he had caught a 42″ sturgeon. There was not much else for fish that evening. Wednesday we all went to the lake; out of Adrian’s to the area where we had fished before. It was very windy; a bit chilly and a good thing that we had the portables along. The fish were not to aggressive and you had to work at getting them to bite. Those of us that had Vexilars had an advantage. There were nine of us and we caught about thirty, mostly saugers. We came back to town and three went down to fish the river; while the others began cleaning and packing up, getting ready for the trip home. They all had a good time while they were here.

Jim with a 54″ sturgeon caught on his first trip to Baudette

Earl with a 34″ pike


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