Posted by: Arvid | March 6, 2012

Winter test over

Now that winter test is over, we won’t see much activity around the Bosch facility until next November. Tom and Earl are the last to leave, but they have each taken a few days of vacation to do a little fishing. One of the Reliable drivers, Mick, and a friend of his, Jim, along with Tom’s brother, Danny and a friend of his, Brad, have joined them for a few days of fishing. They have been fishing the Lake each day, mostly out of Adrian’s, about 12 miles out in about 34′ of water. They also have fished the river a couple of evenings. They had a good day on the Lake Friday. They were close to a limit; mostly saugers and they caught and released three walleyes in the slot. I went with them Saturday; it was cold and we didn’t take the portables. We put in less than a half day and had about a dozen fish. Sunday, we took the portable, but wouldn’t have needed to; it was nice out. Fishing was a little better than Saturday and we ended up with about twenty; mostly saugers. Monday, I couldn’t go, and they went out of Morris Point and didn’t do well. They came back and fished the river in the evening. They caught a couple of sturgeon, two walleyes and a sauger to keep, and three slot fish to release, including one that was 28″. The are having fish frys each day and having a good time.

Mick & Jim with some nice saugers

Brad with a jumbo perch

Tom with a 26″ walleye



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