Posted by: Arvid | March 1, 2012

A New State Record

Last Friday a potential new state record Burbot was caught in Lake of the Woods near Long Point. Aaron from Bemidji caught a 19.54 lb Burbot in 34 feet of water. The previous record was 19 lb. 3 oz., also caught in Lake of the Wood eleven years ago. The certification process is underway to make Aaron’s catch the new record. Burbot, or ‘Pout’, as they are sometimes referred to, are a fresh water cod and are really quite good to eat if you can get past their looks and feel.

Here are a couple of tidbits about the Burbot.  The Burbot has a large liver (it’s in that big belly) that makes up almost ten percent of the weight of the fish. In the early 1900’s, commercial fishermen sold burbot to a number of mink ranchers in the area. That oily fish was excellent mink food and made the fur shine. In the 1930’s Ted Rowell, Sr.  started Rowell Laboratories in Baudette by extracting the oil from the liver of the Burbot and it was marketed as Burbot liver oil, similar to cod liver oil.

Anyway, that ugly fish has served this area well. It has taken a hit the past few years, I think, because of a couple warm summers. I’ve heard that they are making a bit of a comeback and that will please some folks.

Aaron with his potential state record – a 19.54 lb. Burbot



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